Microbiomes at the interface of the vineyard and the cellar at the time of the agroecological transition

Financement: Metaprogramme INRAE Holoflux

Partenariat: UMR Oenologie (Bordeaux), UMR SPO (Montpellier), UMR SAVE (Bordeaux), UMR Biogeco (Bordeaux), UMR CBGP (Montpellier), UMR EGFV (Bordeaux), UMR Agroecologie (Dijon), UMR ISPA (Boredeaux), UE Pech Rouge (Montpellier)

Période: juin 2023 > juin 2026 (3 ans)

Responsable EGFV:  Virginie LAUVERGEAT 

Coordination: UMR Oenologie Isabelle MASNEUF-POMAREDE 

Résumé: : The wine industry should face many challenges in the context of agroecological transition. At the interface of vine and wine, the grape berry is site of the development of pathogens responsible for crop yield reduction and loss of grape berry quality and the primary source of microorganisms that play a key role in the vinification process. Environmental microbiomes contribute to the grape berry microbial colonization and are a major component of the connection between natural habitats, vineyard, cellars and vine locally through the dissemination by different vectors. Among microbiota vectoring, arthropods play a key role in the grape berry colonization. The goal of HOLOVINI project is to develop an original holistic approach to assess the contribution of environmental microbiomes and arthropods to grape berry colonization. Two wine producing regions and different scales will be considered. The project will rely on well-established research devices allowing the integration of different vineyard management systems and the participation of vine-growers. By identifying agroecological levers for the benefit of biodiversity, the project aims at supporting wine producers in order to better manage their transition trajectories while maintaining their environmental performance and wine quality. HOLOVINI benefits from an interdisciplinary consortium gathering community ecology, landscape ecology, microbiology, oenology, environmental mechanics, bioinformatic and mathematical modelling.

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