Observation à haute résolution des scénarios d'adaptation et d'atténuation pour la viticulture.

Financement: EU LIFE
Période: 2014-2019
Responsable EGFV: Cornelis VAN LEEUWEN
Coordination: Hervé QUENOL (LETG Rennes)

Résumé: In the current context of climate change, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project aims to study climate change adaptation and mitigation scenarii at the terroir wine growing scale for 5 vineyards which represent the climatic diversity of European wine regions (Cotnari, Rheingau, Bordeaux, Sussex and Val de Loire). This approach considers local features, as topography, soil types,... wich induces phenological variations at local scale.
For the Saint-Emilion / Pomerol pilote site, managed by the UMR EGFV, 90 temperature sensors are installed in the vineyard to measure temperature variability at fine scale. Spatial modeling allows producing fine scale temperature maps over the area. Vine phenology and grape ripening are monitored to better understand the influence of spatial temperature distribution on these parameters. To improve GHG mitigation, 15 winegrowers are surveyed to evaluate and characterize GHG emissions due to viticulture-related practices in 2016, 2017 and 2018 vintages.
In order to demonstrate the interest of a local management of the adaptation and mitigation strategies, the LIFE-ADVICLIM project develops technologies adaptable to the Europeans wine growing terroirs: a measurement network and a web platform which will allow the winegrowers to assess the impacts of the climate change on their plot, to simulate adaptation scenarii and to measure the greenhouse gas emissions linked to their practices. Those technologies are experimented on these demonstration sites.

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