Towards a better understanding of berry and wine gustatory and olfactory quality

Financement: Université de Bordeaux GPR Bordeaux Plant Science 

Période: octobre 2021 > octobre 2025 (4 ans)

Responsable EGFV:  Sabine GUILLAUMIE

Coordination: GPR PBS WP10 QualiBWine Sabine GUILLAUMIE


The wine industry is facing global warming and the societal demand for environmentally friendly agricultural practices and wine production methods, and for healthy food. The aim of QualiBWine is to combine genetics, metabolomics, enzymology, functional genomics and bioinformatics to broaden our knowledge of wine quality, to ensure an accurate control of it and to anticipate its evolution in a changing environment.
The present project has three main objectives:
- Identify new grape berry volatile and non-volatile quality markers and characterise the relevant biosynthesis pathways. Berry composition and microvinifications of different cultivars will be evaluated with non-targeted method of analysis to evidence volatile or non-volatile compounds related to berry quality and wine organoleptic characteristics. Genetic determinism of berry composition will be analysed on the new qualitative traits with the help of mapping populations.
- Explore general and strain specific metabolomic responses to different environment of yeasts occurring during alcoholic fermentation. Yeast metabolomics, and especially the endo-metabolome, the specific catalytic activities of the central metabolism enzymatic reactions and the volatolome of fermenting yeast strains would be measured.
- Understand how genetics and metabolic processes of lactic acid bacteria during malolactic fermentation affect wine flavour and quality. An evaluation of a variety of enzyme activities involved in aroma modulation of wines will be done thanks to the use of several hundred strains of Oenococcus oeni and the development of high-throughput enzyme assays.

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