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Impact of trans-annual epigenetic memory of stresses on performance tradeoff in perennials

Financement: Université de Bordeaux GPR Bordeaux Plant Science

Partenariat: UMR BIOGECO (G Le Provost)

Période: octobre 2021 > octobre 2025 (4 ans)

Responsable EGFV:  Philippe GALLUSCI

Coordination: GPR PBS WP7 Tepimemory Philippe GALLUSCI/G LE PROVOST


Epigenetics encompasses the complement of genetic information carried in chromatin beyond the DNA sequence that can be inherited. Epigenetic mechanisms play essential roles in plant development but also during the responses and adaptation of plants to their environment. In particular, DNA methylation dynamics were identified as major determinants of the plant response and memory to various biotic and abiotic stresses. TEPIMEMORY proposes to analyze the contribution of epigenetic regulations, to the responses and memory to drought stress in combination or not with pathogen attacks focusing on perennials. TEPIMEMORY main objectives are to (1) investigate the response and short-term epigenetic memory of perennials to combined abiotic and biotics stresses as well as its consequences on plant growth performances on a changing environment, (2) give a first insight on the role of epigenetic regulation and memory in developmental and environmental plasticity by analyzing the epigenomes of ring wood in relation with the growing conditions, (3) determine the mechanisms underlying these memories by analyzing contrasted genotypes and using reverse genetic approaches. TEPIMEMORY should lead to a better understanding of the contribution of epigenetic memory to the long term performance tradeoffs of perennials in response to environmental changes and/or agronomic practices.

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