From vineyard to wine: molecular determinants and physiological mechanisms underlying yield versus quality trade-offs

Financement: Université de Bordeaux GPR Bordeaux Plant Science 

Période: décembre 2021 > décembre 2025 (4 ans)

Responsable EGFV:  Eric GOMES

Coordination: GPR PBS WP9 Vin-Win Eric GOMES


In grapevine, the economical value of the harvest derives more from the quality of its fruits (i.e. their composition in primary and secondary metabolites) than yield. Thus, studying the (epi)genetic determinants and the physiological mechanisms underlying berry quality buildup during ripening and the trade-offs between fruit yield and fruit quality is a challenge of uttermost importance for grapevine and wine research, with the view of using them as levers for future grape breeding programs. In this context, this WP has three objectives. The first one is to analyze the contribution of the various sources of grapevine genetic diversity (genotypes of scion and rootstock) to the plasticity of the fruit yield versus berry and wine composition balance. The second objective is to explore the physiological mechanisms that underlie berry quality build-up and yield versus quality trade-offs in response to temperature, using multiscale modelling approach. The third one is to correlate genotype to phenotype in grapes, and to study the genetic determinism of berry composition traits linked to wine organoleptic properties. Overall, this WP will bring new insights into understanding the molecular and physiological determinants of grapevine berry oenological potential and their subsequent impact on wine quality.

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