OLLAT Nathalie

OLLAT Nathalie

Ingénieur de Recherche HDR - INRAE


Domaine de recherche

Génétique des porte-greffes.

Publications récentes

  • Tandonnet JP, Marguerit E, Cookson SJ, Ollat N (2018) Genetic architecture of aerial and root traits in field-grown grafted grapevines is largely independent. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, in press.
  • Cochetel N, Escude F, Cookson SJ, Dai Z, Vivin P, Bert PF, Munoz MS, Delrot S, Klopp C, Ollat N, Lauvergeat V (2017) Root transcriptomic responses of grafted grapevines to heterogeneous nitrogen availability depend on rootstock genotype. Journal of Experimental Botany 68, 4339-4355.
  • Ollat N, Cookson SJ, Lauvergeat V, Marguerit E, Barrieu F, Gambetta GA, Goutouly JP, Tandonnet JP, Vivin P, Delrot S (2017) Grapevine roots: the dark side. Acta Horticulturae 1188, 213-226.
  • Ollat N, van Leeuwen C, Garcia de Cortazar I, Touzard JM (2017) The challenging issue of climate change for sustainable grape and wine production. Oeno One 51, 59-60.
  • Peccoux A, Loveys B, Zhu J, Gambetta GA, Delrot S, Vivin P, Schultz H, Ollat N, Dai Z (2017) Dissecting the rootstock control of scion transpiration using model-assisted analyses in grapevine. Tree Physiology, in press.
  • Simonneau T, Lebon E, Coupel-Ledru A, Marguerit E, Rossdeutsch L, Ollat N (2017) Adapting plant material to face water stress in vineyards: which physiological targets for an optimal control of plant water status? Oeno One 51, 167-179.
  • Vivin P, Lebon E, Dai Z, Duchêne E, Marguerit E, Garcia de Cortazar I, Zhu J, Simonneau T, van Leeuwen C, Delrot S, Ollat N (2017) Combining ecophysiological models and genetic analysis : a promising way to disssect complex adaptive traits in grapevine. Oeno One 51, 181-189.
  • Zhu J, Dai Z, Vivin P, Gambetta GA, Henke M, Peccoux A, Ollat N, Delrot S (2017) A 3D functional-structural grapevine model that couples the dynamics of water transport with leaf gas exchange. Annals of Botany, in press.
  • Ollat N, Bordenave L, Tandonnet JP, Boursiquot JM, Marguerit E (2016) Grapevine rootstocks: origins and perspectives. Acta Horticulturae 1136, 11-22.
  • Ollat N, Touzard JM, van Leeuwen C (2016) Climate change impacts and adaptations: new challenges for the wine industry. Journal of Wine Economics 11, 139-149.
  • Rossdeutsch L, Edwards E, Cookson SJ, Barrieu F, Gambetta GA, Delrot S, Ollat N (2016) ABA-mediated responses to water deficit separate grapevine genotypes by their genetic background. BMC Plant Biology 16, 91.
  • Zhang L, Marguerit E, Rossdeutsch L, Ollat N, Gambetta GA (2016) The influence of grapevine rootstocks on scion growth and drought resistance. Theoretical and Experimental Plant Physiology 28, 143-157.

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