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PIERI Philippe

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Modélisation du microclimat de la zone fructifère en relation avec la qualité organoleptique et sanitaire des raisins.

Publications récentes

  • Lecourieux D, Kappel C, Claverol S, Pieri P, Feil R, Lunn JE, Bonneu M, Wang L, Gomes E, Delrot S, Lecourieux F (2020) Proteomic and metabolomic profiling underlines the stage- and time-dependent effects of high temperature on grape berry metabolism. A Journal of Integrative Biology, accepted for publication.
  • van Leeuwen C, Pieri P, Gowdy M, Ollat N, Roby JP (2019). Reduced density is an environmental friendly and cost effective solution to increase resilence to drought in vineyards in a contexte of climate change. OENO One 53, 129-146.
  • van Leeuwen C, Destrac-Irvine A, Dubernet M, Duchêne E, Gowdy M, Marguerit E, Pieri P, Parker A, de Rességuier L, Ollat N (2019). An update on the impact of climate change in viticulture and potential adaptations. Agronomy 9, 514.
  • Wu J, Drappier J, Hilbert G, Guillaumie S, Dai Z, Geny L, Delrot S, Darriet P, Thibon C, Pieri P (2019). The effects of a moderate grape temperature increase on berry secondary metabolites. OENO One 53, 321-333.
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